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All sessions are on Zoom based on 15 minute increments. The scripture John 10:10 "a thief has one thing in mind: steal, rob, and destroy, but I have come to bring life in abundance" is a springboard to identify areas or struggles that may be oppressing you. Breakthroughs bring blessing when truth is identified.Prophetic insight and discernment will speak guidance, remove obstacles, and shift your thinking to walk out abundance. Collaboration and conversation is essential.

  • Relational Challenges Or Relationship Goals

  • Destructive Holding Patterns Of Behavior Or Thought Patterns

  • Emotional Healing 

  • Identity Awareness

  • Talent & Gift Discovery

  • Finding Confidence

  • Destiny & Purpose

A word spoken at the right time: Proverbs 25:11

Consultation Session

Be encouraged and inspired by what others have received working with Ron of Urban Reformer:

Joel Sheagren

Filmographer| Producer

Ron is a unique follower of Christ. He operates out of love with a sincere desire to see other’s success. I have found his friendship refreshing and his prophetic insights spot on—even when we first met. He is the real deal.


Linda M. Rice

Founder & Director of Sowing Seeds for Christ Ministry

Ron is a prophetic intercessor with a desire to help others in their walk with Christ. He uses his writing gift; to help capture his vision to bring the hurting to healing and wholeness. He has a deep hunger and love for God and an intense passion for our lost culture. My heart leaps with excitement at this opportunity Ron brings for others to know their real self and the true and living God.

Maestro SK

Ron is great to work with. He was able to genuinely confirm my life experiences that were coded and difficult to understand. He was able to wrap it all together and speak into my life with clarity, instruction, and action steps. I am now able to move forward with confidence and faith. That means a lot to me.

About Ron Urban

Hello. My name is Ron Urban, I was born and have resided most of my life in the state of Wisconsin. As a deep thinker and visionary prophetic person I have always valued insight and understanding. The long winter chapters of my life have been an overextended journey both disappointing and yet extremely transformational as I have concluded storms, periods of hibernation, and freezing conditions prepare us for Spring. Winter is a season not a destination! Spring has sprung and everything becomes new with fresh insight and vision.

Recent Articles

Dreaming and Destiny

November 03, 20224 min read
Destiny and Dreaming

Recently I had a dream as illustrated above. In the dream I walked up to a service counter not knowing what I needed. As I approached the counter an attendant was friendly and somehow knew what it was I needed. I left the counter and in the dream looked down and noticed my bare feet. As I prayed and asked the Lord to reveal fully what he was conveying, I was given this impression:

Delight yourself in Yahweh (Father God)and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4. As I asked him the significance of the bare feet he gave me the interpretation. As I was not knowing what I wanted he is MORE THAN AWARE of our hearts desires and even more so our purpose that he created us for. With further explanation the bare feet in the dream meant his gift to me to WALK OUT what comes NATURALLY to me.

To illustrate dreaming and destiny the book of Genesis and the story of Jacob explains a Father's heart to bless and how our own struggles and disappointments can suddenly shift our circumstances to complete fulfillment and victory. The book of Genesis chapter 32:24 we read the the narrative story of Jacob whose name means Supplanter or Cheater in Hebrew. As we read Jacob wrestles with a heavenly presence until early morning. While daybreak comes this heavenly presence says "its time to leave", however, Jacob refuses to let go. Why? He knows he needs heaven's help to change his life's circumstances. Jacob says " I will not let go unless you declare a blessing over me". The heavenly presence asks his name and he says Jacob. The Heavenly presence says " your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel". God himself blessed Jacob and celebrated this event to such a degree that he changed his name to Israel which is also the name of the Nation himself. What does this all mean? Jacob was upgraded! His faith and persistence lead into generational purpose and total fulfillment. His Grandfather received a promise that he would inherit and new land and fill it with sons and daughters numerous as the sands of the sea and stars in the heavenly. Basically too numerous to count. Jacob's life changed in an instant and he walked out the fulfillment and purpose of his family line. His days of struggle and injustice were over. He walked into the joy and purpose of becoming the Father of a great Nation's first family known as the 12 tribes. The take away of the story is this. Our Heavenly Father is perfect and gives only perfect gifts that only he can do. He knew what Jacob wanted and also honored his promise to the past generations, Our Father created each and everyone of us with greatness and purpose. Our story lines may be similar to Jacob but in an instant they can become exceedingly great when Heaven touches it. The Father's blessing was on Jacob in the womb and so is ours. We just need to discover it and walk it out. He is able to make every crooked path straight and turn every disappointment into our greatest victories. What are you dreaming of? We can go to his service counter and request our original plans for our lives. He has the blueprints. We can walk out with great joy and excitement every small and large detail of it. His desires are truly ours when we realize what it is that brings us joy. Its often found in the gift box of our destiny.

Declaration: Heavenly Father we thank you that you planned and purposed each of our lives to know fulfillment packed with greatness. We thank you that you are a perfect Father that knows what we need even when we do not. Your thoughts of us are beyond our comprehension and your plans for us are greater than our life's struggles and disappointments. Open our eyes to see and help us to understand what your intentions were for our lives that we may walk out each milestone and even our greatest hour that you planned for our lives. We thank you for your goodness and may we experience a change of events like Jacob to leave behind legacy and a testament of who you are and who we have become for something much greater than ourselves.

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Ron Urban

Ron Urban's prophetic insight with social work/counseling and organizational leadership background provides a well balanced perspective to see who you are and who you are not. His gifting perceives the authenticity and uniqueness of an individual to speak life, restore pathways, and bring liberty where there has been oppression.

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Psalm 139:16

God imagined and created us with greatness. Grab ahold of his intentions.It's time to Discover it!